Tin-Man’s Gadgets

 Reinforced Riot Ready Mask

Incredibly reinforced, riot proof mask with eye protection and armored sealant. This mask is NOT liscenced by V for Vendetta and is only available from The Anonymous affiliates.

Flame Shooters

Pyro mini is refined to make it easier to use, while packing in a host of new features that rival anything you'd see in a James Bond movie. This is not a toy. This is a "badass" device that allows you to launch fireballs from your open palm.  

 Super Hearing

Light and compact, you can carry it around, ready to spy on verbal exchanges wherever you feel the urge.  You use it like a stethoscope, putting the sensor to the wall and the attached buds to your ear, so you can glean all sounds coming from the other side. It is a small cylindrical device (43 x 36 mm) that houses an internal sound amplifier.  It takes any sound coming through the surface and boosts it to an audible quality. 

 Tracking Device

The GPS-4X Catch a Cheater GPS Tracker for cars is a Self-Contained Waterproof Motion-Activated Magnetic-Mount Battery-Powered GPS Tracker for cars which provides 50+ hours of motion-activated GPS logging on its internal rechargeable battery (no battery drain when vehicle stationary).

 Body Camera

Carry the durable Xtreme Mega Mini video camera in your pocket and always be ready to record, even in low light. This small spy camera with audio captures all the on-the-go footage you need. 

Emergency Window Breaker

Extrication Tool for People that are Entrapped in Their Vehicle. Ideal for rescuing pets or children who have been left in dangerously hot cars.

 Blast Knuckles

Curl your fist around 950,000 volts of "shock therapy". The Blast Knuckles Stun Gun has a unique patented design giving you full control of it's awesome power. 

 Stun Baton

Stun Baton Flashlight 13,000,000 VoltsTriple Stun Technology and utilizes 3 electrical arc contact zonedischarges

 Camera Drone

Portable yet powerful, ready to go with you everywhere. Fly at upto 40mph or for as long as 27 minutes. True 4K, obstacle avoidance combined with sensor redundancy 

 Flash Bang/Smoke Granade

Hand Granade Airsoft Flash Bang Type FBG-6 - Airsoft Pyrotechnics and Smoke Granades to lower enemies visibility.

 First Aid

Full first aid kit for any weather or occasion. Be ready to treat any victim on site.
Created by Tin-Man