Mission Statement

Hello, my name is Tin-Man, welcome to my official web page! I am a Real Life Superhero and a member of The Xtreme Justice League. Together we fight against the forces of evil. In real life evil isn't just a mad scientist or an alien invasion that threaten our existence. In real life evil comes in many subtle forms. Oppression, poverty, homelessness and social/civil injustice. These are The Real Super Villains we war against, and this evil gets its power from our apathy. Do not fear! There is a power much stronger to help us fight this evil with, and that power is love. With it we can conquer anything, including our own fear of helping others. 

Tin-Man along with The Xtreme Justice League, lead this fight by caring for the homeless, neighborhood crime watch, and regular street patrols. Working towards a better tomorrow, today! I am The Tin-man, here to teach the world to have a heart.
Xtreme Justice League San Diego and Xtreme Justice League Phoenix team up to catch a serial killer! Story Here

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