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EMERGENCY UPDATE!! Wichita Law Enforcement caught covering up pedophile ring in Boy Scouts!!! Looks like I will be staying here to see Justice through! See Full Story HERE


 As I prepare to return to my city, Phoenix , Arizona- I can’t help but have a sick feeling knowing what the elite continue to get away with (for now) in Wichita Kansas, but this isn’t the last they have heard of me or the Xtreme Justice League. In the months following my return I will continue to help Child Advocates like Jennifer Winn to expose this monstrous machine which seems to be driven by CPS themselves. Justice will prevail.


 Unable to make an impact on the police protected child trafficking ring of Wichita Kansas, I have spoken to former running Governer Jennifer Winn about finding other ways to expose Kansas Authorites to the public. Once I return to Arizona I will have more power to bring attention to this. The system here is too corrupt. It goes high up.


Way to go Wichita PD! 327 arrests! Nice to see Justice served? Except that before this news aired I was threatened by local police for trying to expose a child sex trafficking ring- police are clearly protecting them. I was threatened with arrest along with completely false charges if I were to pursue this.

News Story here


I'm going to have to go dark for awhile and do some recon and gather intel so that I can start building a case. This is an organized op, no room for errors.


 Friday, June 16th. I am given a tip by someone who saw what they believed to be child sex trafficking occurring at The Scotsman Inn.

Saturday, June 17th. 1:45am I follow up on this lead and see what appears like a white red/blond haired man dressed as a security guard chasing a little girl and grab her. I ask if she is ok, she shies from me and he says "she's my daughter". I ask her again but she won't look at me. Sunday, June 18th, 11:30? PM, I resumed my safety patrol at The Scotsman Inn and again I saw this man setting outside in his car with this young girl. Now other people white male white female in a blue car pull up to seem to meet with them. At this point I am fairly certain I am watching them wait to traffic these girls (only one I saw tonight) I called 9-11 and made a full report.

UPDATE! Friday, June 17th 11:45pm. I meet with officers that claim to know the man and vouch for his character, one officer states, "He's a good friend of mine". Curiously they tell me that he made a statement to them that I tried to "shake  him up" a totally false claim supposedly also claimed by the motel clerk. They inform me not to persue the matter or I will be charged. Since I know this to be false coupled their relationship with the suspect, I now know this goes much deeper, and by deeper, I mean higher.

 This used to be a make-shift haven for the homeless here, but since this "Clown Craze" we've been seeing, some sick people have been getting their kicks by terrorizing the homeless. Clearly this mask was left on purpose, no reason to leave it other than as some kind of calling card a way to take credit for their evil deeds.


 Search for the Maryvale killer. Although our leads have not yielded much, intell tonight leads us to believe he is no longer using his vehicle or rental vehicles, he's taking the free Maryvale bus- even the route matches the killing locations! 

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