Origin of The Tin-Man

 "I had lost myself when I lived in The Land of AZ. Addiction, violence and homelessness ruled my life. I had become bitter and heartless. So I went away to Kansas (The Emerald City) it took me 14 years and hard lessons, but in the end, I found my heart, myself and my purpose. It was time to return to Arizona to begin my training  with The Xtreme Justice League and to fix the city which had broken me." -Tin-Man

 After training for one year with The Xtreme Justice League, Tin-Man returned to The Emerald City (Wichita Kansas) for another year to take care of unfinished business- his quest to expose one of the largest child trafficking organizations in America. However this fight would prove much greater than he had imagined. Today Tin-Man still works to expose the terrible exploitation of children and their families in Kansas.

You ask, “Do I stand with Anonymous?” I reply, “I stand for TRUTH, whoever stands for that stands with me”. -Tin-Man

 Tin-Man's mask is inspired by the Guy Fawkes mask used in V for Vendetta, and also by Anonymous and like minded protestors, it symbolizes an individual's will to act against injustice. While Tin-Man does not identify himself with The  Anonymous Hacker group, he uses the Guy Fawkes mask to draw attention to his cause relating himself in character far more to Guido Fawkes (Guy Fawkes) than The V for Vendetta character or Anonymous. Guido Fawkes died to defend what he believed was religious truth of God’s love, while he felt Christian "organizations" sought to obscure that truth.

 From left: Heavy Hitter of San Diego California XJL along with Dark, leader of XJL Phx, AZ Chapter accompanied by new team member, Tin-Man.

Love is the greatest power in the entire Universe. Tin-Man gets his power of love from Yahshua Ha'Mashiach (Jesus The Christ) Who sacrificed himself so that the whole world could know love & forgiveness (John 3:16) and it's his mission to show that love to the world by using his life to better the lives of others.

Created by Tin-Man