Origin of The Tin-Man

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In a loveless world filled with selfishness, greed and hate, a troubled young woman leaves her newborn baby on her parents doorstep before running back to a life of drugs and crime. But that is not where this child's story ends, it is where it begins.

Born September, 22 1979 during the Vela Incident (South Atlantic Double Flash) The Child (we'll call him John Doe) was born to a mother much too young to care for him because she had been sexually victimized along side her two other siblings by her step father since age 13. While she had a boyfriend whom she believed had fathered the child, her step father feared the baby may be his, and so he drove her to abandon the child and leave, after that her stepfather took her mother and her new born child and fled to The Land of AZ.

For years the man had abused the young woman and her 2 siblings. The oldest brother would be strapped to a chair and the man would shove nails up his fingernails, or string him up with rope. However what he was best at doing was intimidating people to the point that no one would talk. Everyone lived in fear, including the children's mother. The man had created an image that everyone feared.

But now it was only the man, his wife and the young girls child. The child would not know his birth mother, and instead would be raised by this terrible man, with only his grandmother to offer him any peace. Over the next 16 years the man conducted strange experiments on the child, including using "sleep tapes" he created that played all night long for the child in an attempt to brainwash him along with other strange forms of abuse. 

For a time these methods worked. The child grew up in complete submission to the man, until one day- the man attacked his grandmother (whom he had simple come to know as his mother) grabbing her by the throat, and then finally the child snapped- grabbing a gravel rake holding it to the mans throat. The sudden release of such great anger overwhelmed the child, he was quickly consumed by it. Not long after this the man grew ill, his heart slowly dying. A perfect metaphor for such a heartless person. But instead of this giving the child relief, it only fueled his rage. This new found anger seemed un-quenchable.

The child, unable to be controlled was put out by his grandmother who didn't have the tools to deal with such adrenaline fueled anger. Drugs, homelessness and more violence followed until the child, now a young man was sentenced to 3 years in prison where his bitterness and anger only grew stronger with each passing day.

But the young woman he had come through love offered him hope. Piece by piece the woman began to mend his broken heart, 5 pieces to be exact, and once his heart had mended something miraculous happened. The young man was filled with so much love he could not contain it. He knew he had to do something, he began to try to fix all the wrong he had done- clean up the streets he had help destroy, help out those less fortunate. Once he had believed that anger was his strength. But the man now knew it was his weakness and love was true strength, an unstoppable force of nature. But having a heart isn't easy, it's bittersweet.

His grandmother, whom he had always known as simply his "mother", had fallen sick and passed away. The only sanctuary he knew back in those darker days. But while the young man finally found his  heart, he would not allow bitterness to overtake him again. He would instead continue to fight injustice, exposing the man behind the mirror-those who create an image of fear to rule others through and continue to be a voice for the silent and abused the forgotten and the lonely.

 "I had lost myself when I lived in The Land of AZ. Addiction, violence and homelessness ruled my life. I had become bitter and heartless. So I went away to Kansas (The Emerald City) it took me 14 years and hard lessons, but in the end, I found my heart, myself and my purpose. It was time to return to Arizona to begin my training  with The Xtreme Justice League and to fix the city which had broken me." -Tin-Man

After training for one year with The Xtreme Justice League, Tin-Man returned to The Emerald City (Wichita Kansas) to continue his mission.

 Tin-Man's mask is inspired by the Guy Fawkes mask used in V for Vendetta, and also by Anonymous and like minded protestors, it symbolizes an individual's will to act against injustice. While Tin-Man does not identify himself with The  Anonymous Hacker group, he uses the Guy Fawkes mask to draw attention to his cause relating himself in character far more to Guido Fawkes (Guy Fawkes) than The V for Vendetta character or Anonymous. Guido Fawkes died to defend 

 Dark, leader of The Xtreme Justice League Phx, AZ Chapter. He patrols downtown Phoenix with his team of fellow crime fighters, Tin-Man and Enigma.

Love is the greatest power in the entire Universe. Tin-Man gets his power of love from Yahshua Ha'Mashiach (Jesus The Christ) Who sacrificed himself so that the whole world could have enternal life (John 3:16) and it's his mission to show that love to the world by using his life to better the lives of others.

Created by Tin-Man